High Density

FIbre Optic


  • High Density: 4Ch (Shell Size 11) / 20Ch (Shell Size 17) / 28Ch (Shell Size 19) / 48Ch (Shell Size 23)
  • High Density EB: 4Ch (1x QMicro in Shell Size 11) / 4Ch (1x QMini in Shell Size 13) / 12Ch (3x QMicro in Shell Size 23)
  • High Density MT: 12/24Ch (1x MT in Shell Size 15) / 24/48Ch (2x MT in Shell Size 17) / 48/96Ch (4x MT in Shell Size 21)
  • Plugs: With Triple Start Threads, Ratcheting Coupling Rings, D38999 Standard Rear Accessory Threads
  • Receptacles: Flange Mount and Jam Nut, D38999 Standard Rear Accessory Threads
  • High Density Shell Backshells: Straight, 45°, and 90° Backshells with Band Clamp or Wedge Strain Reliefs, equipped with Gland, Gland with Bend Limiter, or Heat Shrink Cable Exit Options, supporting Cable ODs from 3.6mm to 17.5mm
  • High Density DC Dustcovers: Sealed Dustcovers for Q38 Connectors with Crimp, Ring, and Eyelet Attachments
  • Sealed to IP68

High Density


Diamond Defence’s High Density Connector System utilizes the proven shell technology from the widely used Military Specified (Mil-Spec) D38999 Connectors combined with three variations of custom inserts to improve channel density and to offer expanded beam connectivity. The System uses a High Density physical contact genderless termini that is smaller than the traditional M29504/4 & M29504/5 to support more discrete channels in a given shell size. The High Density Solution also features a removable Alignment Sleeve Retainer (ASR) that can be installed in either the Plug or Receptacle. The High Density MT offers even higher density by using MT Termini that can hold 12 or 24 fibres each. The High Density EB incorporates Diamond Defence’s popular Expanded Beam inserts in various sizes for Expanded Beam functionality. High Density Connectors have industry standard rear accessory threads, so they are compatible with standard backshells, cable clamps, and other existing hardware. Diamond Defence can customize inserts to accommodate hybrid (Fibre / Copper) designs and to produce special layouts.

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