FIbre Optic


  • 4Ch / 12Ch / 18Ch / 24Ch Pin & Socket or Hermaphroditic Physical Contact Connector System
  • Plugs: Integrated Backshells, Cable Strain Reliefs, and Bend Limiters
  • Receptacles: Flange Mount with and without Backshells
  • Cable OD: 4 Channel up to 0.28” (7.0mm) / 12 – 24 Channel up to 0.37” (9.5mm)
  • Genderless Sealed 2.5mm Termini
  • 18Ch / 24Ch Hermaphroditic Plugs include a Locking Ring Feature for easier De-Mating
  • Sealed to IP68



QPC’s ELink Connectors are rugged, multi-channel pin/socket or hermaphroditic fiber optic connectors. ELink Plugs and Receptacles are available in aluminum with a black hard anodize finish or passivated stainless steel. The ELink Product Line features four shell sizes and allow for up to 24 discrete channels. ELink Connectors are environmentally sealed for long service life in demanding applications.

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