About Us

Diamond Defence is Australian owned and operated company that is AS9100D certified for the manufacture of fibre-optic and copper cable assemblies.

Diamond Defence design and manufacture fibre optic, copper and hybrid (optical/Electrical) cable assemblies, and custom fibre optic products for use in defence and telecommunications applications. We are the only Australian company that is AS9100D certified for the local manufacture of these products. In addition, we are one of the few companies in our industry that welcomes low initial volume custom product development projects. Our team is able to draw upon Diamond Defence’s extensive design experience and leverage our in-house manufacturing capabilities to allow us to design, prototype, manufacture, and deliver solutions in weeks, not months.

Australian Innovation for Australian Industry

Diamond Defence has focused on the importance of sovereign capability in manufacturing vendor agnostic cable harness assemblies, investing in automated, high precision manufacturing technologies capable of terminating the full spectrum of termini available on the market with an emphasis on optical technologies. Furthermore, unlike many of its competitors, Diamond Defence manufactures all its cable assemblies and harnesses in its manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia and does not outsource any manufacturing.  

As a leader in innovative technical solutions, Diamond Defence places a strong emphasis on investing in its R&D program. It has strong collaborative relationships with a number of Australia’s leading Universities and researchers in the fibre optic and photonics sector and is actively working on projects to develop solutions that will benefit Australian industry and broader communities. Some of these include the development:

  • An all-optical RF sensor system 
  • Few-mode fibre interconnects

A Company You Can Rely On

Diamond Defence has provided mission-critical, harsh environment fibre optic solutions to all branches of the Australian Armed Forces and prime defence contractors for over 10 years. 

The company is led by a team who have made significant contributions in the global fibre optic industry and have supplied Australia’s defence and telecommunications industries with innovative fibre optic solutions for over 20 years.



AS9100D Certified

DISP Member