Custom Hybrid (Optical & Electrical) Assemblies

Hybrid Assemblies


  • Mass Customizable Hybrid Cable Harness Assemblies
  • 2CH to 30CH, 10x Shell Sizes, 1.0” to 2.5” OD
  • Threaded, Reverse Bayonet, and Push Pull Couplings with Pin & Socket or Hermaphroditic Options
  • Plugs, Jam Nut and Flange Mount Receptacles with and without Backshells for Cable ODs up to 1”(25.0mm)
  • Fibre Optic Termini (Spherical or Angled), Expanded Beam Termini, MT Ferrules, Power/Signal Copper Contacts
  • Rear Accessory Threads to Accommodate a Variety of Backshells and Conduit Adapters

Custom Hybrid (Optical & Electrical) Assemblies


Diamond Defence’s Hybrid Assemblies are a versatile interconnect platform designed for harsh environments. The product line includes ten standard shell sizes in two materials, three different coupling mechanisms, and options for traditional pin and socket plugs and receptacles as well as hermaphroditic configurations to allow daisy chaining of multiple plug assemblies.

Diamond Defence’s Hybrid Assemblies feature innovative insert designs that allows the different connector types for each shell size to use the same insert blanks, greatly reducing manufacturing lead times. Inserts are made of Ultem 1000, a high strength composite with excellent dielectric properties, and they can accommodate any combination of fibre optic termini and copper contacts. Because the termini / contacts are self-retaining, they can go anywhere on the insert. Diamond Defence stocks the Connector shells, blank inserts, strain relief components and cables so making a custom assemblies is as easy as defining the insert layout, machining the cavities, and packaging it in the preferred connector body. This enables Diamond Defence to deliver application specific assemblies in weeks not months.


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