Custom Optical Harness Assemblies

Cable Assembles


  • Connector Types: All Diamond Defence Connectors (Proprietary & Industry Standard), Mil Spec (M28876, D38999, M83526, M29504 Termini), ARINC, Tyco / Deutsch MC3 MKII, Esterline / Souriau Elio, ODVA LC Interface, E2000, LC, ST, SC, FC, MTP/MPO
  • Cable Types: Mil Spec (M85045), Tactical, Aerospace, Shipboard, Distribution, Armored / Non-Armored, MSHA Rated, ABS Approved, Hybrid, Conduit Systems, and Specialty Application Cables
  • Standard Fiber Types: Small Core Single Mode (5/125μm), Standard Single Mode (9/125μm), OM1 -Graded Index Multimode (62.5/125μm), OM2 / OM3 / OM4 -Graded Index Multimode (50/125μm), Graded Index Multimode (100/140μm)
  • Specialty Step Index Multimode Fibre:
    • Core / Cladding Size: 105/125μm to 1000/1100μm
    • Construction: Silica/Silica or Silica/Hard Clad
    • Wavelength: 190nm -2400nm
    • Numerical Aperture: 0.12 -0.38
    • Temperature Range: -190°C to + 350°C
    • Coatings: Polyimide, Nylon, Tefzel
    • High Power and Sensing Applications
  • Accessories: In-Line Splitters / Couplers / Switches, Integrated Hardware / Patch Panels, Reels, Breakouts, and Pulling Grips

Custom Optical Harness Assemblies


Diamond Defence designs and manufactures a wide range of fibre optic, electrical and hybrid cable assemblies / harnesses, with any OEM product content.

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